Larry Bilotta talks with Over Divorce podcast and gives advice to men

How Childhood Trauma Leads To Divorce

Marriage expert Larry Bilotta joins the show to talk about how childhood trauma impacts marriage. Larry is the founder of Life Discoveries, Inc. Larry lived 27 years in a marriage made in hell, but in the 28th year, he fell in love with his wife. Larry and his wife Marsha have completely opposite values, yet are still married over 40 years because of the ideas and tools he discovered throughout those 27 years. Today, Larry teaches husbands and wives how to end anxiety and find calm in the middle of marriage chaos. On the podcast we talk about:

• Why a painful childhood impacts your marriage.
• How the big three pain points from childhood (abandonment, abuse and neglect) can disrupt your marriage and lead to divorce.
• How the programming we received as a child impacts how we act towards our spouses.
• The long term impact of how our parents treated each other and how that plays out in our relationships.
• The three types of relationships (intimate, social and work) that we have and how they change during marriage.
• Some of the attributes that men are unconsciously attracted to in women.
• The danger of men “becoming” their fathers in their marriages.
• The importance of moving from an “against” mindset to that of “acceptance”.
• How thoughts are processed in your brain and how we create meaning out of them.
• Why nobody learns or changes until they are in pain.
• How implementing acceptance and gratitude can change your relationships.

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