Scott Behson provides coping skills for working dads during divorce.

Dangers Working Dads Face During Divorce

Dr. Scott Behson joins the show. Scott is a professor of management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a national expert in work and family issues. Scott founded and runs the popular blog, “Fathers, Work, and Family,” dedicated to helping working fathers and encouraging more supportive workplaces. Scott talks to us about:

  • The challenges that divorcing working dads have and what to do about them.
  • The secret downside of being perceived as an involved dad at work.
  • How to negotiate with your work place in order to spend more time with your kids.
  • The danger of violating the “working guy code” by being a good dad.
  • How workplace flexibility increases efficiency.
  • The biggest misconceptions about working dads.
  • The changing issues dads face as their children get older.
  • The biggest mistakes that dads make.
  • A great tip on how to stay connected with your kids.
  • The importance of building a good support network while divorcing.
  • How to use technology to stay in touch with your kids during divorce.
  • How to “Chunk Up” your time so that you bond with your child in a meaningful way.

Scott writes regularly for the Harvard Business Review Online, Huffington Post and the Good Men Project, and has also been published in TIME and The Wall Street Journal.

He’s the author of The Working Dad’s Survival Guide: How to Succeed at Work and at Home, a book providing advice and encouragement for working fathers, helping them to achieve success in their careers while also being the involved, loving dads they always wanted to be.

Scott has appeared on MSNBC, CBS This Morning, Fox News and Bloomberg Radio, as well as NPR’s Morning Edition, Radio Times and All Things Considered. His work has been featured in such outlets as the Atlantic, Esquire, The Globe and Mail, HLN’s Raising America, MSN Money,,, and

You can contact Scott here:





Twitter: @ScottBehson

Tools for getting through divorce.

Tools To Help Co-Parenting During and After Divorce

Jai Kissoon joins the OverDivorce podcast; he is the CEO and president of Our Family Wizard a leading co-parenting tool.  His company provides resources to help families deal with all the stress around scheduling and communicating during divorce. They have some cool tools to help manage kids’ schedules, visitation times, calendaring and messaging systems. Jai talks about:

  • How online tools can help you communicate with your ex.
  • Technology that allows you to manage time with your children when going through a divorce.
  • The importance of having a good system to document correspondence and bills.
  • How to avoid some of the biggest challenges with communicating with your ex-wife during divorce.
  • Some common mistakes that divorcing parents make when going through a divorce.
  • The importance of getting peace with your ex.
  • Some best practices for scheduling time with your kids.

Here is the link from Working Mothers about Our Family Wizard:

You can find out more about Our Family Wizard here:

You can email them at:

Follow them on Twitter: @OurFamilyWizard

Their phone number is: (866) 755-9991

Talking to your adolescence about divorce.

Managing Adolescents The Over Divorce Podcast

In this episode of the over divorce podcast Tom and Adrian join guest Bob Bilsker and discuss the difficulties associated with managing adolescents and custody time-sharing. While divorce is tough on all parties, older kids can be especially challenging-tougher still is the hand off between parents. Expert and divorce coach Bob Bilsker says divorce doesn’t have to be devastating for kids. He goes over some useful ways to manage some of the more difficult issues facing teenagers, and what kids need and don’t need to know when their parents decide to split.

Communication techniques and parenting plans are discussed as are some of the differences that occur in different age groups. Bob also discuss the importance of parents staying neutral relative to each other and the some good places to hand off the kids in a neutral zone. The podcast reviews the importance of one-on-one time with kids especially in multi-child families. Bilsker also discusses how to manage an incommunicative kid who is concerned about adding to the stress of the divorce proceedings. In the absence of communication, sometimes lawyers are the only option and that presents additional risks. The show also reviews the importance of staying in contact with the kids and and their extracurricular activities and the red-flags of changing friends and crashing grades This episode is brought to you by certified divorce