Detectives and divorce

Private Investigators- The Over Divorce Podcast

Private Investigators are the subject of this installment of The Over Divorce Podcast with Adrian and Tom. The Hosts Interview the head of  California’s JR Investigations.

This podcast explores res the seamier side of human nature- the jealousy and suspicion that often arises during and after divorce. The Do’s and Don’ts and well as the limitations and capabilities of modern private investigators are explored.

State-of-mind is often the key that drives the investigations as opposed to gender or wealth. Most separated or divorced people don’t often realize that states rarely take into account marital fidelity as a factor in divorce decrees (it’s noted that it is a factor in religious annulments). PI’s often sell “peace of mind” about suspicions with respect to their partners.

JR shares that most investigations last about 2 weeks and that 90% of suspicions are confirmed. PI’s are particularly useful in child custody cases where an ex-spouse might be endangering a child by abusing alcohol or drugs or engaging in other illegal activities.

The criteria for evaluating a Private Investigator are discussed and the importance of defining success in the investigation as key in determining whether or not it’s worth it to hire a professional investigator.

JR shares his methodology and how digital communication has changed his work. He also discusses the dangers and risks of foreign brides and the sadly consistent story that often accompanies the practice of the “mail order bride”

We also learn about cellphone tracking and other methods of uncovering information including “pretexting“.

Ultimately many investigations are rooted in financial concerns. JR discusses how money drives the motivations behind the vast majority of the cases he works and the frivolity of many of the cases he works.

Some of the dangers that private investigators face are explored too.  It is easy for professional PI’s to get on the wrong side of a case if they don’t due the proper due diligence on their client prior to taking their case.  JR says PI’s risk participating in stalking if they don’t consider the relationship they are investigating.  Much like divorce settlements, rarely are clients happy with the findings of a private investigation.