Coping with divorce by using excersise with Brad Borland 2

How to use exercise to lose fat, battle depression and get you through your divorce with Brad Borland

One of the best things that we can do to take care of ourselves while going through a divorce is to exercise. Why because when we exercise our brains releases endorphins, and what those beautiful brain chemicals do is interact with receptors in your head to reduce your perception of pain and they can also act as sedatives. As a matter of fact exercise rivals the best antidepressants as an effective treatment for depression.

To talk to us about the best ways to release endorphins and get shredded is fitness guru Brad Borland. Brad is the founder of Workout Lab. Brad has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Kinesiology (human kinetics). He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has Competed as a drug-free natural bodybuilder. He also provides strength and conditioning coaching for clients. He writes for numerous magazines and websites including and

Brad talks about:

Brad shares his best diet technique for getting results.
Find out what the hottest “new” training method is.
Why you should exercise during your divorce.
The importance of harnessing and building discipline.
Why you should start slowly when starting an exercise routine.
How to slowly build your work routine so that you stick with it.
What the best types of exercises are for battling depression and releasing endorphins.
What the top kinds of workouts are for loosing fat and reshaping your body.
Find out what the minimum amount of exercise that you need to do to get the most results.
Discover which is more important: diet or exercise.
Learn about best type of diets for loosing fat and maintaining mental health.
How to use intermittent fasting to get weight loss results.
The importance of getting back to your workout routine once you slip off.
Learn what the biggest mistakes that guys make when starting out an exercise routine.

You can find out more about brad at Workout He has a great beginner workout at  Also check out for great diet tips and exercise routines.

Confidence and divorce

Confidence – The Over Divorce Podcast

Confidence is explored further in this episode- extending on the subject covered in the previous Eric Von Sydow episode, Tom and Adrian discuss the need to find the confidence to regain the ability to accept risk.

The hosts discuss the connection of personal fitness and nutrition in the process of recovering confidence. Adrian discusses his enthusiasm for smoothies containing Kale and protein powder. Tom discusses an older anecdotal study of twins using different fitness regimes and the results they achieved.

Other Self-care methods and “controlling the controllables”are explored and discussed as is the pain associated with the loss of confidence and trust at the onset of a break-up.

Tom brings up the organizational tactic of Time Blocking and advocates for applying it to gain further control of one’s time as a means of improving confidence and paying one’s self first. Adrian discusses the benefits of having things scheduled and releasing himself from the internal dialogue of having to decide what to eat or do next. Leveraging routine Andrian continues is the key to developing healthy habits.

The discussion moves to shifting the internal critic to focus on what you are doing right as opposed to obsessing over what is going wrong.

Adrian goes further to discuss the advantages of Eastern Martial Arts as a means to boost confidence.  Combat and competition can help focus the mind and find key areas to improve physically as well as discipline to ease and quiet the mind.

The hosts discuss the advantages of Outward Bound  and how wilderness or survival training can do remarkable things for one’s confidence. Tom mentions Kezia Noble and her references to confidence as a critical factor when men are assessed by women as potential dating candidates.

The hosts discuss how important confidence is to dads with kids.  Confidence is critical in not allowing a danger power shift to occur between kids and their parents. If dad is viewed as lacking confidence and needing care, kids will be put at risk.

The transcript for this episode is available here