Larry Occonor talk about using medication during divorce to help men cope with it.

Drugs, Depression And Divorce

We are talking therapeutic drugs, depression and divorce on this episode of the podcast. Joining the show is marriage and family therapist, Larry O’connor. Larry is a psychotherapist with who has been providing divorce counseling to individuals and couples for over 15 years.   Larry has have been a counselor in a variety of settings since 1998, including elementary and middle schools; residential treatment with adults and children with severe emotional and psychological disabilities; and post-graduate psychotherapy internships that prepared me for private practice. In 2006, Larry began his sole private practice.

  • Who to talk to first if you’re thinking about using medication during divorce.
  • How to know if you might need medication through your divorce.
  • Why men don’t typically use medication during divorce.
  • Pros and cons of using medication during a divorce.
  • What the heck is psycho-pharmacologist and when should you use them?
  • What does being present and being on medication have to do with each other?
  • How men and women differ on using prescription drugs.
  • How to naturally trigger your mind’s feel good drugs.
  • Using a therapist to help communicate with your ex.

Larry graduated of San Francisco State University, with graduate degrees in English/Creative Writing and Counseling with a specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy. Prior to his training as a psychotherapist, he taught English Composition, Creative Writing, and Fiction courses at the University, College and Adult Education level.

You can find out more about Larry and his marriage practice here:

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