Dating after divorce coach

Kezia Noble Dating After Divorce Expert On The Over Divorce Podcast

Dating After Divorce

Kezia Noble is an internationally renowned attraction and dating expert for men and is our guest on this episode of the Over Divorce podcast. Kezia points out that she’s not a “pickup artist” and distinguishes herself by focusing on the individual’s natural, authentic style.
Kezia discusses the most common mistakes that men make when they start dating after divorce. She discusses the fears that men have of women when they go out to meet potential or ideal mates. She discusses the error of stereotyping women and putting women on a pedestal as opposed to simply treating them with respect. She points out the difficulty dating after divorce and being creative when under stress and how that stress prevents men from improvising and remembering. This results in decision paralysis. She also discusses the danger associated with drinking and socializing.
Kezia discusses “approach anxiety” and some very effective methods of coping with that anxiety -specifically exposure therapy and desensitization as well as exercises she recommends to remedy those fears. She describes the “blow out game” and how it can radically build self-confidence by building the ability to own one’s rejection. Kezia redefines “snowballing” (don’t look that up-NSFW) which is a method of working the room by starting with the staff and employees (Kezia calls them “hired guns”) to get your conversational skills warmed-up.
Kezia acknowledges the difficulty inherent in the advice of “just be confident” and confessed frankly about her own battles with confidence.
The podcast explores on-line dating after divorce techniques and Kezzia offers some tips for improving their profile page by using emotional language and detail in the profile page.
Kezia also discusses the power of “negative attraction’ and the power of bonding over things that you dislike and the extreme danger of posting pictures of cats on your profile page. The podcast explores “mansplaining” and how it can kill an otherwise great conversation.