Dr. Lisa Condon talks about divorce recovery

How To Control Your Emotions And Cope With Divorce.

Dr. Lisa Condon joins the show and delivers great tips on gaining power over your emotions by using compassion to better cope with your divorce. Dr. Condon is a clinical psychologist; she specializes in helping her clients to gain a better subjective experience about their experiences and lives. She gives advice on how to cope with your divorce. She focuses on assisting her divorcing patients to become more compassionate with themselves in order to emphasize their strengths.  We talk about the following:

  • Why our natural fight or flight instincts can get in the way of your divorce recovery.
  • How to relate to your feelings without being overwhelmed by them.
  • How to know when you are in a bad place in your emotional state.
  • The power of channeling your emotions into something productive and beneficial.
  • How to gain power by being vulnerable during your divorce.
  • Why we are wired to ruminate about our feelings and what we can do to break that chain.
  • The mistakes that we make when we are in a reactive emotional state.
  • How you can create an easy “meditation” check in to steady your emotions.
  • The dangers of judging yourself too harshly while you’re going through your divorce.
  • How self-compassion builds resilience and strength.
  • The importance of setting up a mindfulness practice and how to do it.
  • How the feeling of control lessen the negative feelings of stress.

Dr. Condon recommends a book by Tara Brach to help with acceptance: Radical Acceptance

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