Honoree Corder talks about the rules of divorce

Rules for Thriving After Divorce With Honoree Corder

Honorée Corder joins the show today. Honorée is the best-selling author of a dozen books, including her latest, If Divorce is a Game, These are the Rules: 8 Rules for Thriving Before, During and After Divorce. Her mission is to inspire and give hope to people as they navigate their divorce.

Honoree talks about the rules of divorce. She discusses how to use these rules in order to thrive during your divorce. She talks about:

  • The notion that you will be able to get through your divorce and be better on the other side.
  • The importance of assembling a team to support you during your divorce in order to get through your divorce faster.
  • The types of people that should be on your support team.
  • How to know the types of people that shouldn’t be on your team.
  • How to develop a quick “divorce story” that you can use so that you don’t get caught up in dwelling on your divorce.
  • Steps you can do to cultivate forgiveness.
  • What forgiveness looks like when it is done.
  • The importance of protecting yourself and your mental health.
  • How to implement extreme self-care.
  • How to avoid the mistake of making the divorce about material possessions.

Honorée the creator of the Divorce Transformation Coaching Program, which has assisted people to get their lives back and their games on. She’s also the author of the best-selling The Successful Single Dad, Tall Order! and her latest business and personal development book, Vision to Reality.

You can find out more about Honorée and her books and coaching programs at www.HonoreeCorder.com

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