Online Comunity Life Thru Divorce to help you cope with your divorce

Online Community To Help You Cope With Your Divorce

Online community founders Michelle Zudeck and Perri Teitelbaum of are featured on this episode of the Over Divorce podcast. Life Thru divorce is an online community for people that are going through divorce. They have a ton of resources, articles, discussion threads, and guides to help you through your divorce. It’s a great place to meet and message with people that are going through divorce. They even have a spot for our podcast.  Listen and hear about:

  • How online divorce communities work
  • The biggest challenges for people facing divorce
  • Why guys need resources and friends to help them cope with divorce
  • The problem with emotions during your divorce-and what to avoid
  • The importance of making decisions collaboratively with your ex-wife

You can find out more about Life Thru Divorce by going to

Also, make sure that you follow them on Twitter @LifeThruDivorce