Dr. Jerald Young talk to the over divorce guys about coping skills

Dr. Jerald Young on Managing The Shock and Awe of Change

Tom and Adrian sit down with special guest author and professor and Change expert- Dr. Jerald Young. Dr. Young discusses the need to work through the entanglements of the post-divorce life and the shock and awe that comes from ending a marriage.  Dr. Young reminds us about the emotional attachments that need to be managed after the divorce is settled.

Dr. Young reflects on the social myths that get perpetuated by friends and family and the ability to overcome the the issues that we face in taking away the power of the fears and fantasies that prevent people from recovering from divorce. Acknowledging the stress and upset is the first step to

Dr. Young discusses his method of targeted talking- providing emotion-based words to enable people to identify their feelings and work through them and mitigate the anxiety through awareness and dissolving the resistance to change. He notes that resistance to change is 95% emotional and only 5% rational.

Dr. Young shares his own personal experience with divorce as well as his years of experience helping corporations manage change. He debunks the idea that a new relationship or spouse is the landmark of recovery.

This podcast explores the profound sense of loss that accompanies the end of the relationship and offers hope for those who believe everything has ended just because a marriage or long-term relationship has. He identifies the key cultural myths and bad advice that comes from people who have the best of intentions. and advocates for maintaining the same hopes and dreams one had before the marriage.

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In fact, Dr. Young points out that only the people change and that the dreams we have for  future can be maintained as well as the memories and offers practical advice for maintaining relationships with loved ones. What’s really lost is the context of our relationships-and avoid grieving things that aren’t lost and focus the grieving on things that are truly gone. He also discuss some ways to speed the divorce recovery process.

Adrian cites Anthony Greenback’s book Survival and what is really required to get through the toughest of times.