Dr. Sue Cornbluth talks about how to cope with a high conflict divorce.

High Conflict Divorce And How To Deal With Your Crazy Ex

Dr. Sue Cornbluth joins the show to talk about high conflict divorce. Dr. Sue is a nationally recognized expert in parenting, childhood trauma and high conflict divorce. She has also been named Top Advocate and Professor for Human Rights by the Goodwill Ambassador for World Peace. Dr. Sue is a regular mental health contributor for a variety of television shows, and has contributed to several national publications like the Associated Press, US Weekly, and The Huff Post. She also writes a monthly parenting column for Parents Express magazine.

She has just written her 2nd book “Building Self-Esteem in Children And Teens Who Are Adopted or Fostered”. Dr. Sue holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and teaches Psychology at Temple University. During the show we talk about:

• The pitfalls that lead to a high conflict divorce.
• The biggest inability, which most people have, that leads to conflict during a divorce.
• Tactics to help lower the tension and drama in you ex.
• The importance of putting your emotions aside during your divorce.
• The number one thing to keep in mind to avoid conflict with your ex.
• Tips on taking the “high road” during your divorce.
• Techniques on how to communicate effectively with your crazy ex.
• The number one thing that you can do to get progress with your ex.
• How to stop blaming yourself for your divorce.
• Why people use parental alienation and the repercussion it has on kids.
• Why just saying sorry to your ex doesn’t work.
• How to keep your boundaries during your divorce.

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