Camille Milner podcast on divorce coping skills for men

Can A Collaborative Divorce Save You Time, Money And Pain?

Today on the show we have attorney and former Municipal Judge, Camille Milner. Camille has a private law practice, that she started in ’84, where specializes in family law, estate planning, probate and guardianship. Camille’s is the president elect of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas and the past president of the Denton County Collaborative Professionals. On the show Camille talks about:

  • What collaborative law is and how it can be applied to your divorce.
  • The biggest problems with traditional litigation.
  • How the collaborative law movement got started.
  • Find out about positional based negotiation and why it could be harmful to your divorce settlement.
  • The major differences between mediation, litigation and collaborative law.
  • How to look at your divorce as a way to solve a problem as opposed to fighting with your future ex.
  • The importance of looking at the long term goals of your divorce. Can it be done with your soon to be ex?
  • The best tool for getting your ex’s friends and family to stop fueling the fire of a contentious divorce.
  • Why collaborative law is quicker and cheaper than most traditional litigation.
  • The three critical team members in the collaborative approach.
  • Camille’s best advice for a man going through divorce.

You can find out more about Camille Milner and her practice by going to

620 W. Hickory Denton, TX 76201
Phone: 940-383-2674

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