Coping With Shame

This is a great Ted Talk. Brene Brown discusses her research into shame and touches on some very fine points that are truly helpful in any effort to cope with a divorce.

We deal with shame a lot during divorce. Thoughts of guilt and shame distract us from our careers and the task of putting our lives back together.

Ms. Brown’s research shows that it’s helpful to distinguish those two emotions when we find ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of self-inflicted insults and distress.

There’s good news- confronting shame and vulnerability are keys in breaking through to new levels of success and creativity. Her research suggests that you really can’t innovate effectively without being vulnerable to shame-and knowing how to manage it.

Effectively managing shame seems to be through empathy, forgiveness and perseverance. Easy prescriptions that are challenging to fill. Still, it’s obvious that the rewards of doing so are highly enriching.