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How To Overcome Anger During Divorce

Today we have Jessica Ehrenworth, a registered therapist with over a decade of experience helping people who are going through divorce. Jessica has a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and she co-founded and runs The Centre for Health and Anger Resolution which worked with men and women, couples and individuals, to overcome the stigma of […]

Drugs, Depression And Divorce

We are talking therapeutic drugs, depression and divorce on this episode of the podcast. Joining the show is marriage and family therapist, Larry O’connor. Larry is a psychotherapist with who has been providing divorce counseling to individuals and couples for over 15 years.   Larry has have been a counselor in a variety of settings since […]

Dangers Working Dads Face During Divorce

Dr. Scott Behson joins the show. Scott is a professor of management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a national expert in work and family issues. Scott founded and runs the popular blog, “Fathers, Work, and Family,” dedicated to helping working fathers and encouraging more supportive workplaces. Scott talks to us about: The challenges that divorcing working […]

How Meditation and Mindfulness Can Help During Your Divorce

Charles Francis is the co-founder and director of the Mindfulness Meditation Institute. For over 18 years, he has worked to help people find inner peace through mindfulness meditation. Charles has published numerous articles, and is the author of the new book, Mindfulness Meditation Made Simple. On the show we talk about: • The benefits of […]

How Childhood Trauma Leads To Divorce

Marriage expert Larry Bilotta joins the show to talk about how childhood trauma impacts marriage. Larry is the founder of Life Discoveries, Inc. Larry lived 27 years in a marriage made in hell, but in the 28th year, he fell in love with his wife. Larry and his wife Marsha have completely opposite values, yet […]

High Conflict Divorce And How To Deal With Your Crazy Ex

Dr. Sue Cornbluth joins the show to talk about high conflict divorce. Dr. Sue is a nationally recognized expert in parenting, childhood trauma and high conflict divorce. She has also been named Top Advocate and Professor for Human Rights by the Goodwill Ambassador for World Peace. Dr. Sue is a regular mental health contributor for […]

Online Community To Help You Cope With Your Divorce

Online community founders Michelle Zudeck and Perri Teitelbaum of LifeThruDivorce.com are featured on this episode of the Over Divorce podcast. Life Thru divorce is an online community for people that are going through divorce. They have a ton of resources, articles, discussion threads, and guides to help you through your divorce. It’s a great place […]

Prenups, Postnups and How To Get Closure on Your Divorce

Joining us on the podcast from the Boston Law Collaborative is attorney and certified family mediator Vicki Shemin. She has a dual-degree in clinical social work and family law, and has more than three decades of experience. Vicki offers her clients an array of dispute resolution options including mediation, collaborative law, parenting coordination, pre- marital and […]

Can A Collaborative Divorce Save You Time, Money And Pain?

Today on the show we have attorney and former Municipal Judge, Camille Milner. Camille has a private law practice, that she started in ’84, where specializes in family law, estate planning, probate and guardianship. Camille’s is the president elect of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas and the past president of the Denton County Collaborative […]

How To Be A Gentleman During Your Divorce

Kyle Ingham, founder of The Distilled Man.com, joins the show. The Distilled Man is dedicated to helping guys become better men, it features articles, tips and life hacks that can help guys tackle new skills and live like a well-rounded gentleman. Kyle is also the author of the “48-Hour Gentleman: Your One-Weekend Guide to More Confidence, Poise and […]

Coping With The First Stages Of Divorce With Dr. Sam Buser

We’re talking about coping with the first stages of divorce with psychologist Dr. Sam Buser. He specializes in helping men to grow though their divorce. He’s taught graduate courses in marital and family therapy for 20 years at the University of Houston and the Baylor College of Medicine. He’s the past-president of both the Houston and […]

Coping With Lawyers – Getting Over Divorce

Atlanta divorce attorney Harmon Caldwell joins the Over Divorce Podcast to help listeners cope with the difficulty selecting a divorce lawyer. Harmon has practiced law in for over 38 years. He has handled more than 1,000 high net worth divorce cases, he has tried over a 150 jury cases, and he has been involved in more […]

How To Control Your Emotions And Cope With Divorce.

Dr. Lisa Condon joins the show and delivers great tips on gaining power over your emotions by using compassion to better cope with your divorce. Dr. Condon is a clinical psychologist; she specializes in helping her clients to gain a better subjective experience about their experiences and lives. She gives advice on how to cope with your divorce. […]

Rules for Thriving After Divorce With Honoree Corder

Honorée Corder joins the show today. Honorée is the best-selling author of a dozen books, including her latest, If Divorce is a Game, These are the Rules: 8 Rules for Thriving Before, During and After Divorce. Her mission is to inspire and give hope to people as they navigate their divorce. Honoree talks about the rules […]

Tantric Sex As A Tool For Coping With Divorce

Tantric Sex and Coping With Divorce Managing your sex drive is an important part of coping with divorce. August joins the show to talk about sex. She is a certified Reiki practitioner and has studied Tantra for over 20 years. On this episode of the podcast she talks about masturbation, sexual energy and taboos around sex. […]

Coping With Shame

This is a great Ted Talk. Brene Brown discusses her research into shame and touches on some very fine points that are truly helpful in any effort to cope with a divorce. We deal with shame a lot during divorce. Thoughts of guilt and shame distract us from our careers and the task of putting […]

Tools To Help Co-Parenting During and After Divorce

Jai Kissoon joins the OverDivorce podcast; he is the CEO and president of Our Family Wizard a leading co-parenting tool.  His company provides resources to help families deal with all the stress around scheduling and communicating during divorce. They have some cool tools to help manage kids’ schedules, visitation times, calendaring and messaging systems. Jai talks […]

The Truth About Divorce Settlements- The Over Divorce Podcast With Dan Burley

The Truth About Divorce Settlements Dan Burley from Divorce Wealth talks about the impact that legal precedence has on divorce. He talks about his divorce support group and reveals some interesting little known facts about divorce settlements. You’ll learn about: The dirty truth of divorce settlements. The secret of how statistics can predict your divorce settlement. How legal […]

Managing Adolescents The Over Divorce Podcast

In this episode of the over divorce podcast Tom and Adrian join guest Bob Bilsker and discuss the difficulties associated with managing adolescents and custody time-sharing. While divorce is tough on all parties, older kids can be especially challenging-tougher still is the hand off between parents. Expert and divorce coach Bob Bilsker says divorce doesn’t […]

Kezia Noble Dating After Divorce Expert On The Over Divorce Podcast

Dating After Divorce Kezia Noble is an internationally renowned attraction and dating expert for men and is our guest on this episode of the Over Divorce podcast. Kezia points out that she’s not a “pickup artist” and distinguishes herself by focusing on the individual’s natural, authentic style. Kezia discusses the most common mistakes that men make […]

Dr. Jerald Young on Managing The Shock and Awe of Change

Tom and Adrian sit down with special guest author and professor and Change expert- Dr. Jerald Young. Dr. Young discusses the need to work through the entanglements of the post-divorce life and the shock and awe that comes from ending a marriage.  Dr. Young reminds us about the emotional attachments that need to be managed […]

Common Mistakes with Randy Cooper– Over Divorce

Certified Divorce Coach founder Randy Cooper joins us in this episode of the Over Divorce podcast. Randy is author of a book and leading the charge for advocacy of divorce coaching.Randy talks about the subject of his book -the six biggest mistakes people make when getting a divorce. Randy shares  insight into the benefits of having someone […]

Private Investigators- The Over Divorce Podcast

Private Investigators are the subject of this installment of The Over Divorce Podcast with Adrian and Tom. The Hosts Interview the head of  California’s JR Investigations. This podcast explores res the seamier side of human nature- the jealousy and suspicion that often arises during and after divorce. The Do’s and Don’ts and well as the […]

Moving And Memories The Over Divorce Podcast

Moving and memories are the topic of this episode of the Over Divorce podcast with Adrian and Tom.  The difficulties of packing up and moving are likely to be a major part of anyone’s divorce experience. Tom and Adrian discuss their own issues around moving and the memories associated with the location of their past […]

Communicating With Your Ex- The Over Divorce Podcast

Communicating with your ex is difficult.  In this episode of the OverDivorce podcast the hosts discuss alternatives to face-to-face confrontation. Coming up with some ways to maintain your composure, and thinking of some tips and techniques to help you along the way is helpful.Email is a good way to make sure your words are chosen […]

Divorce Ups and Downs The Over Divorce Podcast

Divorce means change and that means ups and downs in mood and attitude. That’s the focus of this episode of the OverDivorce Podcast. Tom and Adrian discuss the E-ticket ride that is the emotional roller coaster of divorce.  Being terribly sad , then happy, then sad again.  Adrian notes  that one of the hardest parts […]

Confidence – The Over Divorce Podcast

Confidence is explored further in this episode- extending on the subject covered in the previous Eric Von Sydow episode, Tom and Adrian discuss the need to find the confidence to regain the ability to accept risk. The hosts discuss the connection of personal fitness and nutrition in the process of recovering confidence. Adrian discusses his […]

New Love The Over Divorce Podcast

Finding new love is the topic of the 11th episode of The OverDivorce podcast. Tom and Adrian begin the podcast by discussing the concerns about finding the courage to trust, and the irrational concerns around being worthy of finding love after divorce. Adrian discusses the futility of finding validation from outside and then discovering that […]

Hope and Change The Over Divorce Podcast Episode 10

Hope and Change- Tom and Adrian discuss the timelines on their personal divorce journeys. Adrian shares both how difficult his journey was and and when the difficulty ended. but remembers that it took what is typically an 18 month period. Adrian notes the importance of finding things he enjoys and connecting with his children and […]

Forgiveness The Over Divorce Podcast Episode 9

“To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.” – Confucius Adrian and Tom share the difficulty of forgiveness and tom shares his thought about the “grudge gene”. and Adrian distinguishes between forgiving and forgetting. He shares his experience is going down the path of forgiveness. Tom shares his difficulties finding forgiveness and […]

Friends and Family- The Over Divorce Podcast

Tom tells about his concern regarding losing friends in his divorce and discovering that his friends were still there for him. Adrian discusses how his family supported him and how he looked to his friends on a daily basis. Tom discusses the pack mentality associated with less-close friends and how some treated him as diseased. […]

Kids -The Over Divorce Podcast

Tom begins the podcast reminding the listener that the welfare of the children is paramount to the state and anyone involved in the dispensation of the assets and the fiscal responsibilities of the divorcing parents. Adrian shares that in his divorce he and his ex broke up their marriage in phases- and that they were […]

Holidays Over Divorce Podcast Special Episode

Holidays are the focus of this OverDivorce Podcast special.  Hosts Tom and Adrian discuss the challenge of the what the media continually tells is “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”. Even though for most divorced guys it is the toughest. Tom shares tips about travel and the importance of getting in the spirit of […]

Being Present To Help You Survive Your Divorce

Being Present To Help Survive Your Divorce Presence is the key to fighting regrets and worry and avoiding negative self-talk In this episode Tom and Adrian discuss Ridding ourselves of the internal chatter that drives depression and causes distraction Adrian discusses the effectiveness of reading the book the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Tom […]

How To Take Responsibility During Your Divorce

Taking responsibility during your divorce. Taking responsibility actually helps expedite the healing process as opposed to delaying the recovery with short-term fixes. Tom raises the issue of responsibility for making the decisions and actions right even the decision to divorce. It’s a powerful way to take ownership of the decision. Responsibility finds its center with […]

Making Decisions During Your Divorce

Making Decisions During Your Divorce Adrian and Tom open by discussing control. What kind of action that can be taken in the context? Tom discusses the futility of reason and persuasion. Tom and Adrian agree that expediting the goal of the partner leaving, and move to righting yourself. Tom discusses his decision about selling his […]

Escapism While Going Through Your Divorce

Escapism While Going Through Your Divorce We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of escapism while going through your divorce. By escapism we mean “The fun Stuff”: Beer, Wine, Spirits, tobacco, sex and other distractions. It is easy to go down a negative path when you are facing the challenges of a divorce. This path can […]

Welcome To The Over Divorce Podcast For Men

Over Divorce Podcast Overview Adrian and Tom re-cut the first episode of the podcast in order to be able to provide insight into the upcoming shows.This Podcast is an overview of the show, which is devoted to make the divorce event a growth opportunity. We are here to provide advice and coping skills to men that are […]