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There is no doubt about it - divorce sucks. But we can make it suck less!

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Man Coping with divorce

Going through a divorce is painful. But no more holidays with the in-laws!

Download Our Free Divorce Guide "Divorce Survival Tools For Men"

Life after divorce

We have the support you need. You just bring the beer and chips!

Download Our Free Divorce Guide "Divorce Survival Tools For Men"

divorce advice for men

Divorce is a terrible event. But now the remote is yours!

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Coping With Divorce

Hey man, going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult challenges you will ever face. We know that because we’ve been there and felt the pain that comes with it. We also know that things improve, there is happiness after divorce. We developed this podcast to help you cope with divorce. We’re here to provide advice, coping skills and yea a little laughter to men who are going through divorce. We interview lawyers, child psychologists, divorce coaches, parental coordinators, mediators, financial planners and other industry experts to help guys deal with their divorce. If you’re having problems coping with divorce, then you have come to the right place. Have a listen to one of our podcast and learn how to survive divorce.

Divorce Advice For Men

We can help you figure out how to cope with divorce and get you back on track. You can turn your separation experience into one of growth. Pain can be a great catalyst for change and development. If you are going through a divorce you should check out our divorce advice in our other podcasts. We talk about all areas that impact separation and divorce. We built it just for men and we discuss everything from hiring lawyers, moving, talking to your kids, developing coping skills, dating after divorce, how to communicate with you ex, and common divorce mistakes.

Life After Divorce

It sounds crazy but the end of your marriage can be the beginning of a new and better you. Consider this site the place to find the support you need to survive your divorce. Hopefully our podcasts will help relieve the suffering that comes alongside separation and ease the fear of being alone. We’ll try and guide you in creating healthy habits, a good mindset and possibly even help you to find a new love. Our podcast and eBook will show you how cope with divorce and help get your life back!

You can start now.

Feel better in 60 seconds with just one of the 60 tips in our free recovery book. Yea man, we know that you aren’t going to feel awesome in 60 seconds but you will learn some great skills on how to cope with your divorce. Don’t take our word for it. Try a few of our coping tips that seem appealing and let us know if it started you in a new healthier direction. It’s free.

Reviews Of The Podcast

Great information for when you are going through one of the toughest times of you life. Gives you advice on how to deal with your divorce and get your life back on track” – P. N.

I found these podcasts at a time when I felt so alone. Listening to these podcasts has helped me so much to deal with what I’m going through and feel like I’m not the only one. Really great!” – B.C.

Hang on every episode, guys are like your bros only smarter. I have listened to every episode twice. More please…” – S.C.

Helpful and straight forward advice that can benefit anyone as they navigate their way through the turmoil of divorce. A touch of humor helps as well on those days when you think you’ve forgotten how to laugh.” – L.P.

Over Divorce Podcasts

Begin by checking out our divorce advice podcasts for men.  The podcasts are available on our podcast page and on iTunes, Stitcher, and most other popular podcast services.  Download our guide for men on coping with divorce to get some great tips on how to survive your separation.   We want you to get over your divorce and on to a great life!

Dealing With Divorce

No matter how selfish you’ve been told you are and no matter how ingrained your bad habits may be, you can change. We’ve had them all– from substance problems to being a workaholic to depression– we understand what it’s like because we’ve been there. We can tell you- without equivocation- that you can rise above your challenges. Sometimes the shock of separation is exactly the thing that can change you for the better. In fact, you may come to understand that your divorce is the catalyst for becoming the person you always imagined you could be.

Start Now

Our free eBook is a collection of ways to snap yourself out of bad patterns that you want to change. We show guys how to deal with separation in positive ways. We provide coping skills  to get healthier and more in control. Try one or two that seem like they might work-that make sense for you- and see if it doesn’t improve your momentum. Look for real improvement in your ability to work, play, rest and reflect. We just collected ideas.  You make the decision. Thru a free and simple download, you’ve already begun getting over your divorce. No commitment. We’re not selling anything.

About Us

After 22 years of marriage, Tom’s wife left him, saying little more than “We’re just not a good fit”. He was crushed. He had trouble coping with divorce. He loved his family and felt debilitating bouts of shame and guilt. He went to divorce recovery right away. He fantasized about bouncing right into a new relationship and a new life. Tom didn’t understand the journey. There is a quest for every guy who is forced into separation. Work can suffer. So does focus. He is on his journey building his new life one step at a time.

Adrian and his ex-wife divorced three years ago. They were together more than 16 years and he was devastated when they separated. It shook him to his core and left him outraged and depressed. Still, he was determined to learn and grow from the experience. Little by little he was able to build back his confidence and self-esteem. He certainly isn’t perfect, but he has created one that makes him happy and is peaceful- at least most of the time.

We didn’t study divorce in college. We graduated from the University of Ass Kick. And believe us when we tell you we’ve been there. We didn’t just watch from the sidelines.

We’ve been (and are still) getting “over divorce”.

We haven’t forgotten. We realize what it’s like to lie awake and wonder: “Why me?”, “My wife wants a divorce now what?” and “How can I cope with my divorce?”

We don’t have all of the answers but we’re here to support you.

We believe strongly that one essential key to getting over divorce is by sharing our experiences. We can use the power of technology to help guys out, at their own pace, without the pressure of meetings or group settings. Sometimes we need to take a few steps on our own before we’re ready to share any pain or grief. That’s why we built this site. We wanted to make it easier for guys to move forward, to take control of their lives and ultimately get over their divorce.

Podcast Episodes

  • Welcome To The Over Divorce Podcast For Men

    This Podcast is an overview of the show, which is devoted to make your divorce into a growth opportunity. We are here to provide advice and coping skills to men that are going through a divorce. We will be interviewing guests and industry experts to get the best advice and insights into helping you get over your divorce.

  • Escapism While Going Through Your Divorce

    All the fun stuff has a downside. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll may numb the pain for a while but they are no solution to help you cope with divorce. We aren’t preaching or scolding. There’s no judgement here. Just some observations on the risks and alternatives to chemical and emotional shortcuts.

  • Decision Making During Your Divorce

    There’s a difference between “making the right decision” and “making a decision right”.  We dive into the importance of choosing to decide and moving forward on those decisions during your divorce.

  • How To Take Responsibility During Your Divorce

    Responsibility and the importance of owning your behavior is the focus of this Over Divorce podcast.  There are reasons you are compelled to get away but depending on your circumstances there are things you need to do to maintain your integrity, we try to get to the bottom of them.

  • Being Present To Help You Survive Your Divorce

    Presence is the ability to focus on the moment and stop fearing an unknown future. Our past is behind us and worry about our future is pointless- as we often don’t have the right information to forecast correctly. In this podcast we discuss how being present helps us appreciate what we have more -and worry less.

  • The OverDivorce Holiday Special

    We discuss what makes the Holidays so tough. We talk about ways that men can cope with them and what you can do to enjoy and make the most of the Holidays.

  • An Attorney Walks Into A Podcast

    Atlanta family law attorney Louis Tesser joins the podcast to discuss the misconceptions around  the role of the state and divorce expectations.

  • Kids

    Kids are the focus of this podcast– and if you have them they should be the focus of your concern.

  • Friends and Family

    The importance of friends and family are discussed in this episode of the Podcast. We share some of the common fears and challenges posed by reaching out to you closest allies.

  • Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is explored in this episode of the podcast. Distinguishing between forgiving and forgetting, holding grudges and other difficult aspects of forgiving are explored.

  • Hope

    There IS hope- Even though it might seem hard to believe, know that thoughts and feelings change for the better. Check out this episode of the podcast to learn more.

  • New Love

    You will find love again. We provide tips on patterns to avoid and how to tell if its real or just a rebound.

  • Power, Control and Confidence

    Author Eric Von Sydow aka Hypnotica joins The OverDivorce Podcast to discuss strategies for reclaiming control over your life’s vision.

  • Divorce: Ups and Downs

    Divorce is a roller coaster. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your mood on the straight and narrow.

  • Communicating With Your Ex

    Communicating with your Ex can be close to impossible.  We’ve got some thoughts about how to make it easier

  • Moving and Memories

    The Podcast explores moving and the dislodging of memories and how it affects people going through divorce

  • Private Investigatons

    This podcast explores the seamier side of human nature- the jealousy and suspicion that often arises during and after divorce. The Do’s and Don’ts and well as the limitations and capabilities of modern private investigators are explored

  • Avoid The Common Mistakes of Divorce

    Randy Cooper, Founder of Certified Divorce Coaches shares the insights gained from leading the country’s leading group of certified divorce coaches

  • How To Help Children Cope With Divorce

    Divorce coach Bob Bilsker talk about how to deal with your kids during divorce. He talks about how to talk to your children about your divorce and make it easier for them to cope with it.

  • The Truth About Divorce Settlements

    Dan Burley reveals how divorce settlements are calculated. Learn some great insight about how to get through your divorce without spending a fortune.

  • Coping With Divorce in a Positive Way

    John McElhenney talks about how he was able to develop a positive perspective while he was going through his divorce.  Learn how John was able to cope with his divorce by changing his thoughts about being a father and what it mean to be divorced.

  • Co-Parenting Tools To Communicate With Your Ex

    Jai Kissoon from Our Family Wizard shares how to overcome some of the challenges with communicating with your ex during a divorce. He discusses the common mistakes that men make and shares some tools that make working with your ex easier.

  • Tantric Sex And Coping With Divorce

    Certified Tantric therapist, Summer, talks about sex and masturbation during divorce. Find out if releasing sexual energy is a helpful or harmful way to help you cope with your divorce.

  • The Rules Of Divorce

    If divorce is a game, here are the rules. Honorée Corder joins the show to shed some light on what rules you should follow during your divorce. These will help you get back on track.

  • Divorce Coping Skills and Rules

    Divorce expert Honorée Corder comes back to the show to give more solid advice on how to cope with your divorce. Honorée is the best-selling author of If Divorce is a Game, These are the Rules. She also has coaching program designed to give hope to people as they navigate their divorce.

  • Controling Your Emotions During Divorce

    Dr. Lisa Condon joins the show and delivers great tips on gaining power over your emotions by using compassion to better cope with your divorce. Dr. Condon is a clinical psychologist; she specializes in helping her clients to gain a better subjective experience about their experiences and lives.

  • How To Find And Hire A Divorce Lawyer

    Divorce attorney Harmon Caldwell joins the Over Divorce Podcast to help listeners cope with the difficulty selecting a divorce lawyer. We talk about how to find and interview a divorce attorney.
    The key things to ask a divorce lawyer before you hire one. The biggest mistakes that wealthy clients make when getting divorced.

  • Coping With The First Stages Divorce

    We’re talking about coping with the first stages of divorce with psychologist Dr. Sam Buser. He specializes in helping men to grow though their divorce.

  • Being a Gentleman During Your Divorce

    Kyle Ingham, founder of The Distilled Man.com, joins the show. The Distilled Man is dedicated to helping guys become better men, it features articles, tips and life hacks that can help guys tackle new skills and live like a well-rounded gentleman.

  • Can Collaborative Divorce Can Save You Time, Money and Pain?

    Attorney and former Municipal Judge, Camille Milner talks about collaborative divorce. We talk about the problems with traditional divorce litigation. We discuss why collaborative law is quicker and cheaper than most traditional litigation.

  • How To Use Exercise To Get You Through Your Divorce

    Strength and conditioning specialist Brad Borland talks about the best diet technique for getting results, why you should exercise during your divorce and the importance of building discipline. He also reveals what the best types of exercises are for battling depression and releasing endorphins.

  • Prenups, Postnups and How To Get Closure on Your Divorce

    Joining us on the podcast from the Boston Law Collaborative is attorney and certified family mediator Vicki Shemin. Vicki discusses what prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are and when they are used. She also shares a very effective exercise to help you get closure on your divorce.

  • An Online Community To Help You Cope With Your Divorce

    Online community founders Michelle Zudeck and Perri Teitelbaum of LifeThruDivorce.com are featured on this episode of the Over Divorce podcast. Life Thru Divorce is an online community for people that are going through divorce. They have a ton of resources, articles, discussion threads, and guides to help you through your divorce. It’s a great place to meet and message with people that are going through divorce.

  • High Conflict Divorce And How To Negotiate With Your Crazy Ex

    Dr. Sue Cornbluth joins the show to talk about high conflict divorce. Dr. Sue is a nationally recognized expert in parenting, childhood trauma and high conflict divorce. We discuss the pitfalls that lead to a high conflict divorce. We also talk about tactics to help lower the tension and drama in you ex.

  • How Childhood Trauma Leads To Divorce

    Marriage expert Larry Bilotta joins the show to talk about how childhood trauma impacts marriage. We talk about how and why a painful childhood can impact your marriage. He shares how the big three pain points from childhood (abandonment, abuse and neglect) can disrupt your marriage and lead to divorce.Larry discusses how implementing acceptance and gratitude can change your relationships.

  • How Meditation and Mindfulness Can Help During Your Divorce

    Charles Francis, co-founder and director of the Mindfulness Meditation Institute joins the show to talk about how meditation can help you during your divorce. We discuss the benefits of meditation while you are coping with a divorce and how you can use meditation to steady your emotions during divorce.

  • Dangers Working Dads Face During Divorce

    Dr. Scott Behson joins the show. Scott is a professor of management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a national expert in work and family issues.  We talk about the challenges that divorcing working dads have and what to do about them. The biggest mistakes that working dads make and how to stay connected to your kids during divorce.

  • Drugs, Depression And Divorce

    We are talking therapeutic drugs, depression and divorce on this episode of the podcast. Joining the show is marriage and family therapist, Larry O’connor. We chat about who to talk to first if you’re thinking about using medication during divorce. How to know if you might need medication through your divorce and the pros and cons of using medication during a divorce.